Museo Bottega

On the occasion of the 160th anniversary since being founded, the Biscottificio Antonio Mattei (biscuit factory) is opening its Piccolo Museo Bottega (small museum shop) in the heart of Florence.
In a completely renovated space, with the same spirit of simplicity and elegance that has always distinguished the company image, it will be possible to visit the archive of memorabilia and documents that tell the story of the company and the Pandolfini family that has been running it since 1904 when they inherited it from Antonio Mattei, and where it will also be possible to buy and taste their products.

The museum telling of Mattei’s 16-decade long history is divided into 5 sections, with panels and stands dedicated to the various phases of the workmanship, from the work tools, to the historical packages and the evolution of packaging over the years.
It will also offer the chance to discover testimonies, photos, documents, and historical packages, on a journey through the life of the unique and entirely Made-in-Italy Biscottificio.

The aim of the Piccolo Museo Mattei is also that of reinforcing the synergy and relation between the two different territories – Prato and Florence – by opening a “window” onto Prato‚Äôs history in the heart of the city of the lily (Florence), in order to make the Italian and international public aware of the great qualities of a neighbouring territory still to be discovered by international gourmet tourism.