From appetizer to dessert: five must of Tuscan traditional cuisine

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In Tuscany, most of the cuisine is made up of simple but tasty ingredients that will conquer the palates of the whole world.
To satisfy all admirers from our wonderful region, we thought of a “made in Tuscany” menu that you can prepare at home.
Let’s start with croutons based on lightly toasted Tuscan bread, Finocchiona PGI and artichokes. Finocchiona is a typical Tuscan sausage prepared with minced pork, flavored with fennel seeds and dipped in red wine; you can buy it online from Salumificio Mannori from Prato, along with other indigenous delicacies.
Here is a quick and easy recipe for artichokes.
Also, for those who want to try their hand at preparing Tuscan bread, here is the recipe.
Let’s move on to the first course venturing into a succulent Pici all’Aglione dish.
Aglione is a giant variety of garlic, typical of the Val di Chiana and is a Slow Food presidium.
It has a very delicate flavor combined with tomato and a few other ingredients it becomes the perfect condiment for pici (a typical kind of pasta), strictly … al dente (well-cooked).
To prepare them we recommend the following recipe here.
Our second course also comes from Val di Chiana: La Fiorentina.
Go to your butcher and ask for a cut of Chianina (a specific breed of beef) at least 3 centimeters thick and 700/800 grams in weight, with tenderloin and co-sirloin and with the bone in evidence of the characteristic T-shape. (Cook it al sangue – rare – as per tradition!)
These are the secrets for cooking the perfect Fiorentina steak, complete with quotes from Pellegrino Artusi  (b. 1820 – d. 1911) here.
Even the side dishes have their importance, we suggest you a typical dish of the Florentine territory: the Fagioli all’uccelletto.
Preparation takes some time, but you will be rewarded by the taste!
After leaving the beans to soak for six hours, bring them to a boil in water with the celery, sage and pepper, drain and cook them in a pan with tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil, garlic and chili pepper. An even tastier and more widespread variant in Tuscan territory plans to add the sausage for tasteless sauce.
Follow this advice here.
And to end the meal as every Tuscan loves to do:
Prato Almond Biscuits accompanied by Vinsanto!
The most ancient recipes of this pairing are the one of Antonio Mattei Biscuits Factory since the 1858 in Prato for the biscuits (well known as Cantucci or Cantuccini) and the one of the Marchesi Antinori winery now in its 26th generation, for the sweet wine called in Tuscany Vin Santo.
Both can be purchased at Antonio Mattei online Shop.
Enjoy your Tuscan meal and see you soon!