Five Florentine addresses for dessert lovers

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Which is the sweetest city in the world? Florence!

Follow us in these five steps of taste and you will no longer have a doub t;)

Pasticceria da Giorgio, if you want to taste the tipical sweet Florentine Schiacciata made from an artist, you have to go a little way, Giorgio is in Via Duccio di Boninsegna 36, a little outside the historic center, but the kindness of the staff and the unquestionable quality of the products deserves to travel the distance. Perhaps in the relax of a Sunday morning, you can stop to make a delicious breakfast and then return home with a tray of delicacy stuffed with the Chantilly cream, small chocolate cupcakes, fruit baskets and sweets for all tastes.

Caffè Gilli, is located in the heart of Florence and once was known to be the elegant meeting place of artists and intellectuals. This artisan confectionery has been producing its delicacies since 1733, each product is a small work of art, passing through Via Roma, the large windows attract the attention of passers by the rainbow of colors of jellies to the thousand tastes or small original creations by pastry that changes depending on the seasons. Delicious cakes with rice or apples, Marron glacé, dry pastry for tea time and desserts of any kind are delicious.

Museo Bottega Antonio Mattei, we can say: it is our favorite! :)
This is our Florentine living room in Via Porta Rossa 76r, where we love to tell our long story to visitors; upstairs, in fact, a small museum is set up containing family photos, documents, collectible packaging, memorabilia and books . Here it is possible to make a sweet break with a slice of Mantovana cake or Candied Filone or taste our other sweet productions, and together with coffee we offer you our most famous and requested product: the Prato Biscuits, to choose from 4 flavors: Almond, Chocolate, Almond and Pistachio and Hazelnut.

La Sorbetteria, located in Piazza Tasso in the Oltrarno area, is the perfect place for those who cannot give up ice cream; in this little corner of paradise they produce ice cream without lactose but so creamy (and light) to be better than the traditional .
The tastes range from the classic to the fruit up to the most courageous experiments and the staff is very well prepared in recommending the most balanced combinations according to taste. Those who love chocolate will find “Catrame” 75% dark, really unbeatable, while those who prefer more delicate flavors should taste Lemon and Sage, Yogurt km 0 or Cream of Ginger and Chestnut Honey.
Arà, a piece of Sicily in Florence, is located inside the Central Market and in Via degli Alfani. Part of the candied fruit is of own production and many ingredients are a Slow Food presidium. Cannoli, Cassatina, Ricotta from Giarratana ice cream or Pistachio from Bronte ice cream are a real journey to the southern tip of Italy.
During the summer it is also possible to take a granita to eat by the spoon, perhaps at the Mulberry taste, and why not, to take on the go :) for the sweet tooth it is recommended to add a little fresh cream on top of the glass.

And what about you, which are the places that make Florence the sweetest city in the world?