Are you sure the proper name is Cantucci?

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The true story of the Cantucci Biscuits that today we confuse with the Prato’s Biscuits …

In the 1800s the Cantucci were a very common bakery preparation, it is a simple recipe: flour, water, little yeast and sweetened with Anise seeds, all kneaded to form an elongated loaf, which before the war was the dessert of whom could not afford to prepare cakes with sugar and eggs; once baked 3 parts were cut: 2 Cantucci and a central slice, when from the oven they came to the shop in the baskets there were more nooks (Cantucci) than slices and it is from this that they take the name :) !

As for other bakeries, the Cantucci were the flagships also of the production of Antonio Mattei, still today in the original sign of the era, we read “Manufacturer of Cantucci, Biscuits and other Genres”. After the war sugar and eggs became consumer goods, desserts began to take different shapes and tastes and the cantucci left space for more elaborate and delicious preparations, such as Biscuits from Prato with Almonds ;) , which until then were considered only a dessert for special occasions … the doctors from Prato, it is said, had their closets full!

The first documented Biscuits from Prato alla Mandorla are from the oven of Antonio Mattei, who since 1858 produces this delight! With Biscotti and Cantucci he conquers Italian and foreign palates and receives a special mention at the Universal Exposition of Paris in 1867. From that moment on the fame of the Biscotti di Prato (mistakenly called Cantucci) has crossed the history of Italy, with their simple and genuine taste that has managed to bring smiles to the lips of many illustrious people.

Now do you understand? The proper name of the Almond biscuits, which you all know, is Biscotti di Prato and not Cantucci or Cantuccini! And the old “Mattonella” (nickname of the Antonio Mattei old shop) is the official depository of the original recipe.

The Biscottificio Mattei continues to prepare both, but in the famous Mattei Blue Bag you can find only Prato Biscuits, now also enriched with 3 new flavors: dark chocolate, pistachio and almond and the last born with IGP Piedmont hazelnuts.

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