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A special ingredient: THE EGGS and sweet memories

For us at Mattei biscuits Factory, the human relationship with our suppliers

The origins of Italian products famous worldwide

“… ah Italy! Pizza, pasta and mandolin” this is the stereotype that

From appetizer to dessert: five must of Tuscan traditional cuisine

In Tuscany, most of the cuisine is made up of simple but

The story of “Father’s Bread” told by Elisabetta Pandolfini

The Biscottificio laboratory represents, for us Pandolfini brothers, the house, a trunk

How discover Florence through an unusual itinerary

The beauty and prestige of Florence are acknowledged everywhere, from the Cathedral

The Recipe for cooking Prato Biscuits at home

The original Prato Biscuits, whose recipe dates back to the 1400s, are

Five Florentine addresses for dessert lovers

Which is the sweetest city in the world? Florence! Follow us in

A tasty journey through the Prato area

Gastronomic excellence… and not only Today we liking talk about our beautiful

Are you sure the proper name is Cantucci?

The true story of the Cantucci Biscuits that today we confuse with

Bill Clinton is a fans of the biscuit of Prato… on Lonely Planet

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